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A golf training aid that gives instant feedback on your swing

  • Improve your swing consistency by analyzing your divot.
  • Get instant feedback on your ball contact.
  • Practice in the comfort of your own home or backyard – with or without a ball!
  • Don’t waste your money on range balls without real time divot feedback.
  • ULTRA Durable – Sequins don’t fly off, lasts over 5000 swings


Improve your golf swing by mastering your divot.A divot tells you everything about your swing. Seeing an instant representation of your divot, helps you build muscle memory for that perfect swing.


Setup the DivotDaddy indoors or outdoors in seconds. Save your lawn from unwanted divots. Get more out of your range session with detailed divot data.


  • Durability – thin yet sturdy sole prevents rips against the hardest swings. Also, we put extra effort into the sequins so they will never fly off.
  • Versatility – Use it anywhere, no velcro needed and a stake for outdoor usage is provided. It also comes with a clip for your golf bag.
  • Precision – Clearer divot than grass. Your divot is more precise and clear than anywhere else. This means greater improvements on your swing.
  • Higher limits – Don’t just swing like you’re practicing, swing like you mean it. The PRO can withstand your hardest swing, if not, we’ll give you your money back.

Material: Plastic
Size: 40*30cm


Lloyd Thomson
Verified Buyer

I’m a life-long golfer with a healthy skepticism of golf training aids. Regrettably, most don’t live up to their bill in BUT this one truly does! It gives immediate feedback on your swing path, and the location and the location and direction of your divot. I guarantee this will help your game.

Barney Joseph
Verified Buyer

Check ball position when hitting the ball

Kade Brown
Verified Buyer

Just like most beginners, I have trouble getting compression and hitting the ball first. I finally caved and got this, cost be damned! And… it works! Hallelujah! My first outing with this was maddening at first. But with patience and persistence, I eventually got it. It was like one of those hidden 3d pictures that were popular in the 90’s. Now I use it to warm up, and find myself needing it less and less. On the surface, it seems expensive. But man, totally worth it.

Keiran Rubio
Verified Buyer

After 40+ years of playing I've noticed I'm more often hitting behind or chunking the ball now because I don't get through it. So after seeing this board used in a youtube video I ordered one and am wowed by the feedback it gives you. I use it indoors standing on two carpet mats for an even stance and after each swing can see how far behind the ball I'm hitting and where on the club face ie. toe or heel I make contact. It's creatively simple if that makes sense. There are a lot of schlocky golf improvement products out there and I'm always wary to try a new one, especially a relatively expensive one, but for what an hour lesson might cost I think the divot board is a real value and worth the cost.

Huw Hoffman
Verified Buyer

Looking for something to help me take better divots. This is helping

Pedro Gutierrez
Verified Buyer

Worked as advertised. Used it most effectively on the practice range with range balls. Could instantly see impact position and made adjustments to improve results. Used foot/shoe to swipe the sequins back to hitting position. Product documentation made it very clear that wear on the sequins will begin immediately, but the performance and feedback results would still work for over a thousand hits. This was true, but since it was clearly documented, I have no issue. I use a cart bag so I can keep the aid in one of the tall side pockets. Now I need to implement what I am learning on the course.

Rafferty Johnson
Verified Buyer

Excelente accesorio para determinar el punto de impacto de la cabeza del palo y el recorrido de la misma. Habrá que ver la durabilidad del mismo con el uso, ya que se ve sometido a un fuerte impacto en cada swing.

Jacques Bonner
Verified Buyer

Does a great job showing your stroke patter. Well made and excellent quality.

Zachariah Bird
Verified Buyer

Was able to make quick changes that improved both ball striking and club head control with this easy to use tool.

Daniyal Hutchinson
Verified Buyer

The divot board is a real eye opener. I had no idea where my divots were and what direction they were going before I got this training aid. I thought I did but I was so wrong. It feels like all of the practice I've done over the years was for nothing. Use this board and video your swing in slow motion while hitting range balls or whiffle balls at home is a great combination.

Steven Merritt
Verified Buyer

Works well…time will tell if my game gets better…. Haha. Easy to use/understand the feedback.

Dale Henderson
Verified Buyer

I’ve dropped 3 strokes off my handicap since using this. Instant feedback on where my club head hits the ground versus my ball position has helped with much better contact and consistency. Never really bought training tools for golf before but I recommend this one without reservation.

Tegan Pena
Verified Buyer

The PGA pro I take lessons from brought one of these out during a session. I decided quickly I had to get a Divot Board of my own. The feedback you get from every swing is really helpful to understand exactly how your club interfaces with the ground and the ball. I've only had it a short time so don't know how durable it will be but so far it seems to take a beating without damage.

Brett Hernandez
Verified Buyer

This is a great training aid. It gives immediate feedback for swing path and improving ball striking. I've used this for a couple of short sessions and do feel like this tool may have durability issues. I will buy replacement mats for this when needed though because it works so well.

Chaim Cruz
Verified Buyer

Arrived on time, used immediately and found it to be just what I expected. Will definitely help my swing.

Santiago Holloway
Verified Buyer

This mat has helped me alot with improving my swing. This will save you time and money from having to go to the golf range all the time. Not sure about the durability of the sequins. So far, I find it worth the price since my swing and golf game has improved.

Ashley Griffin
Verified Buyer

Helps to try to finally hit draws:)

Eddie Winters
Verified Buyer

This does exactly what I was looking for--gives me the ability to troubleshoot my swing from home, without having to go to the driving range. It seems to work great--no real ability to judge durability yet, but so far, so good!

Gregory Gates
Verified Buyer

This was a Christmas gift for my husband. It sits in our family room and he and the older kids use it quite often. My husband has seen a lot of golf training gadgets over the years and is not easily impressed. He thinks this is pretty cool!

Reid Daniel
Verified Buyer

I like it but I wish they grouped the replacements with it so I could have order them togather

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